Life Ship

Andrew Todhunter has coached groups and individuals in mindful self-development and team building for fifteen years, drawing from more than two decades of experience in wilderness, meditation, Aikido, writing and other creative practices.  Trained in co-active life coaching by CTI (Coaches Training Institute®), Todhunter has coached executives, writers, artists, athletes, paramedics and many others.

In Life Ship workshops and seminars, participants develop:

  • Increased energy, resilience and productivity
  • A clearer synchronization of actions and core values
  • A more creative and collaborative approach to tasks and problem solving
  • A greater appreciation for the value of stillness and silence in an active life
  • Sharpened focus and a reduction in stress and distraction
  • Greater tolerance and patience with self and others
  • A deepening awareness of contentment and gratitude

Ranging in duration from one to seven days, held on site or in wilderness settings, each workshop is tailored specifically to client needs. Some sessions are dynamic and expansive, others more contemplative, with periods of silence and solitude.  

While many clients prefer a comfortable workshop environment closer to home, others may elect for a more vigorous, expeditionary format in remote locations. A former EMT, Todhunter has more than twenty years of experience in wilderness travel and leadership, including certifications from NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School), PADI, NAUI and the American Sail Training Association. 

Sample Life Ship workshop environments include: 

  • Alpine climbing in northern California or the French Alps (Physical Challenge: High)
  • Scuba diving in the Channel Islands or British Columbia (Physical Challenge: Moderate to High)
  • Sea kayaking in Tomales Bay or Scotland's Inner Hebrides (Physical Challenge: Moderate)
  • Desert Hiking in Death Valley or Egypt's Sahara (Physical Challenge: Moderate)
  • Barging through rural France (Physical Challenge: Light)
  • Sailing in the Aegean Islands (Physical Challenge: Light)

Regardless of duration or location, participants leave Life Ship workshops focussed and renewed, with a clearer understanding of their values and vision. All learn valuable skills and practices that will serve in every area of life and work.

Participant comments:

“This workshop was life-altering. I expected to learn some new skills, but had no idea that they would be so powerful. I expected to meet new people, but I had no idea that the sense of community within the course would be so palpable.”

"An incredible teacher. Very inspirational. One of those 'once in a life time' teachers."

"Very deep, very moving course. Completely changed and hopefully improved my outlook on my relationships with others and mostly myself."

“I was amazed at the level of awareness that the course generated.”

“I really appreciated the longer format of four days as it gave me time to grow from this course more fully.”

"This course is life changing. It provided me with another intellectual community and family. I learned so much about life practices and the importance for awareness, and about myself."


For more information on customized Life Ship workshops for teams or individuals, please email:


Perfection is not attained when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. 

— Antoine de Saint-Exupery